The Neem oil soap flakes are obtained in the process of extracting neem oil from the neem seed kernel. The 100% of oil is saponified to soap in the form of flakes. It is very easily mixed with water since it is in soap form. The pesticide characteristics of neem is largely attributable to Azadirachtin found in the neem extracts which is a growth regulator and as well as a powerful feeding and ovipositional deterrent. Green day Neem oil soap flakes is easily soluble in water, effective against all sucking pest and keep the plants free from pest.

Application :

Take Green day Neem oil soap flakes 25 grams, dissolve it in 1 litre of water and keep it aside. Filter it after half an hour and spray to the plants

Pest control :

Green day Neem oil soap flakes is effective in controlling all sucking pest like Mealy bugs, Thrips, Aphids, hoppers etc. In all crops` Like vegetables, flowers, fruits.

Packing: :It is available in 100g pack. Rs. 40 / 100gms