Green Day Pot Mixture


Potting Mixture is a medium in which to grow plants, herbs and vegetables in a pot or other durable container. Green Day Pot mixture is an All Purpose Premium Potting Mix which consists of an unique blend of Coco peat, Vermicompost, Red soil, Wood ash, Neem cake powder, Biofertliser and Vermiculite which makes it very easy to handle and use.

Green Day Pot Mixture has the following characteristics

  • Air porosity
  • Water/moisture retention.
  • Nutrition
  • Support/Anchorage.
  • Fluffy and light weight.
  • Well draining.
  • Infection/pest free
  • Free from weed seeds

1. Coco peat helps in retaining water which means you water once or twice a week depending on the conditions.
2. Vermiculite provides great aeration for the roots to grow faster and healthier.
3. Vermicompost supplements Micro nutrients , Enzymes and Hormones necessary for all the plants.
3. The other Organic fertilizer provides ample nutrition for the plans to grow healthy.
4. Bio fertilser controls soil borne pathogens.

Merits of Green Day Ready-to-Use Potting Mix:

  • times better growth compared to normal soil
  • It's Odorless.
  • Minimum consumption of water
  • Plants get more aeration
  • Will not spoil expensive floor
  • Very little maintenance
  • Minimizes soil-borne diseases and weed growth around plants and in the pots
  • Free from compaction over time and little-weight
  • It gives potted plants a perfect growing environment

Units Available : 5 kgs, 25 kgs and 50 Kgs.