Green Day Vermi wash :


Green Day Vermiwash, a foliar spray, is a liquid fertilizer collected after the passage of water through a column of worm activation. It is a collection of excretory products of earthworms, along with major micronutrients of the soil and organic molecules that are useful for plants. These bio-liquid is rich in nutrients and plant growth hormones. Vermiwash seems to possess an inherent property of acting not only as a fertilizer but also as a mild biocide. It contains plant growth hormones like auxins and cytokinin apart from nitrogen, phosphorus, potash and other micro nutrients. It contains nitrogen fixing bacteria like Azotobacter sp., Arobactericum sp. and Rhizobium sp. and some phosphate solublizing bacteria which stimulate the growth and yield crops and even develop resistance in crops receiving this spray. It acts as a plant tonic and helps to reduce many plant diseases.

Dosage : Mix 25 ml of Green Day Vermi wash with 1 lit of Water and spray in the leaf in the morning or Evening.

Benefits of Vermiwash

  • Vermiwash acts as a plant tonic and helps to reduce many plant diseases
  • A mixture of Vermiwash (25 ml) with cow urine (1litre) in 10 liters of water acts as bio-pesticides and liquid manure.
  • Increases the rate of photo synthesis in crop / plant.
  • Increases the number of micro-organisms in the soil.
  • Increases the crop yield.
  • Increases the resistance to pest and diseases.
  • Increases the rate of decomposition of compost