Green Day Drip Kit



  • Threaded Adaptor - Threaded connection to 3/4"x16mm Connect water source
  • Mini Valve - To ON/OFF irrigation for 16mm x 16mm Vegetables
  • Lateral Tube - To distribute water from 16mm CL2 water source
  • Drip Inline Filter - To remove physical impurity 16mm coming from water source
  • Turbo key Plus Dripper - Uniform water distribution 2 or 4 lph from lateral
  • Labyrinth Stake 4-Way - Collect water from drippers Assembly and distribute it to Pots
  • Lateral End Stop “8" - To close Lateral ends Shape
  • Polytube Plastic - To make hole for dripper Punching Pin installation
  • Barbed Poly Tee - To separate lateral lines 16mm (Equal)
  • Tube Hold Stake - To hole lateral at one place Clip 16mm
  • Barbed Elbow 16mm - To turn Lateral 90⁰ GP
  • Barbed Goof Plug - To close mispunched hole
  • 2 Way Adopter - To distribute water for two Taper O/L Drip Pots instead four pots
  • Barbed Poly Joiner 16mm -To join cut later

Gravity Powered Drip Irrigation System
Recent years when crop demand is increasing exponentially with population growth and agricultural land is getting converted to non-agriculture, vegetable prices are touching to sky. Green Day Drip Kit helps you to grow your own vegetables efficiently in a small place available in your courtyard; balcony or terrace. This kit is useful for all those who has wish to grow vegetables within premises. One can use terrace or land near house for vegetable or flower cultivation. By using this you can get nutritious vegetables which are grown in front of you with good quality of water and fertilizers. This kit is sold as ready to use kit, which can be easily installed by all.

Advantages of Drip Kit @ Terrace/ House garden

1.Fresh and Nutritious source of your own vegetable: Drip Kit helps you to grow your own vegetable in your home garden or terrace.
2.Water saving: Using this kit we can save 90 per cent of water compared to normal pipe irrigation.
3.Stay away from pesticides: With Drip Kit you can grow pesticide free fresh vegetables. There is less chance of pest attack as vegetables are grown in isolation and not in large area like farms.
4.Economical: Drip Kit gives you opportunity to grow vegetable / flowers round the year at much less investment than to purchase them from outside.
5.Portable: Drip Kit is easy to install and shift from one place to other
6.Protect our Concrete floor: Due to less usage of water, water seepage will be arrested and protect our floor from corrosion. .

How Drip Kit for Terrace Garden works?

Drip Kit Terrace & Home garden operates on gravity pressure of overhead tank. There is an online lateral filter to ensure clean dirt free water to your plants. Once control valve opened, water flows through the tubings. Water flow gets regulated through the online dripper connected to lateral. It ensures uniform flow for all the plants. From one single dripper water can be distributed to multiple pots or plants using 2-way or 4-way adaptor and small spaghetti tube and a stake dripper inserted in the soil media in the pots. You can add organic fertilizers in overhead tank (Do not add fertilizer if general purpose tank is to be used). The emitter provided in this kit delivers water directly to the root zone in quantities that approach the consumptive use of the plants. Our study shown that by using this kit crop shows rigorous growth and also yield increases.